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Kairat FC on the home field is smashing team from Karaganda.

Kairat FC - Shakhtar FC - 4:1

Goals: 1, Gohou, 36, Islamkhan, 39, Go, 82, Turysbek - 86, Stojanovic

Kairat: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbay, Akosh Elek (69, Arzo), Eldos Akhmetov, Yan Vorogovsky, Georgy Zhukov, Bauyrzhan Islamhan (K), Islambek Kuat, Isael (10, Arshavin), Ivo Ilichevich, Gerard Gou (72, Turysbek)

Spare: Stas Pokatilov (B), Timur Rudoselsky, Mikhail Bakaev, Yermek Kuantayev, Oybek Baltabaev, Chuma Anene

Shakhtar: Igor Shatsky (B), Milan Stojanovic, Marco Stanoevic, Vladislav Vasiliev, Mikhail Gabyshev, Sergei Skorykh, Aidos Tattybaev (69, Allegriya), Daurenbek Tazhimbetov, Evgeny Tarasov, Marat Shakhmetov, Ruslan Alimbaev (52, Omirtaev)

Spare: Yaroslav Baginsky (V), Kadio, Ayegbussi, Vyacheslav Putintsev, Rinat Khayrullin

Yellow cards: 31, Zhukov

The previous match between these teams was extremely successful for Almaty (4:1), therefore a large number of goals were expected today. Interest was also reinforced by the fact that Andrei Finonchenko represented his team as acting head coach.

At 38 seconds, Gerard Gohow opened the score. Perhaps, one of the fastest goals in the season was scored by our Ivorian. At the 10th minute of the match, Isael took an unexpected substitute, in bewilderment were the spectators who came to the stands of the "Central".

The first goal shatted confidence in the eyes of the miners.

But, despite this, on the 36th minute Islamkhan increased the gap by half and Kairat led - 2: 0. Two minutes later, the same Gerard Gohou designed the double and brought the score to the devastating. Feeling his superiority in this match, the Almaty players were in no hurry to continue the match.

Arshavin and Ilichevich had excellent chances to light the number 4 on the scoreboard. In a sharp counterattack, the Russian gave the transfer to the flank of a lonely Ivo, whose blow fell on the outside of the net gate Shatsky.

In the last 10 minutes, Ivo Ilichevich, from about 11 meters away, hits the goal, where Turysbek heels the ball into the net. In the end, Stojanovic reduces the difference - 4: 1.

Thus, Kairat smashes the guests from Karaganda and collects the next three points.