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A difficult match is taking place in Albania.

From the first minutes the hosts showed their confidence, the fire was added by the fans at the Skenderbeu stadium. The first blow in the game fell on the second minute, Stas Pokatilov controlled the flight of the ball.

The next moment was again for the players in red and white form: long-range strike Skenderbeu was extremely dangerous - just above the crossbar. Kairat FC was looking for ways to the gate of Sheha through long casts, but the hosts controlled everything.

The first blow from Kairat FC occurred on the 21st minute of the match. Islamkhan beat from a distant position, but above. At the 37th minute of the meeting, players from Almaty showed an excellent combination: the protracted attack by Almaty team nearly ended with a goal, but the Skenderbeu players blocked the cross from the flank.

At the break the teams left, and not opening a score in the match.

In the second half of the game, Kairat tried to create several moments, sending the ball forward with long passes. The first change occurred in our team: Ivo Ilichevich replaced Eldos Akhmetov.

Lilay on the 75th minute breaks the rules on Ivo Ilichevich and gets the second yellow, thus, is removed from the field. Then the second substitution took place at Kairat: Isael left the field, Chuma Anene entered the game.

Under the ending of the meeting, Plyacu doubles the advantage - 2: 0.

At the end, Gerrard Gohou beat with a dangerous blow, but the score was the same. Thus, the match ends with the previous score and Skenderbou passes to the next round of the qualification of the UEFA Europa League.