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Atyrau - Kairat


Live text broadcast


Kairat managed to get a win away against Atyrau (3-0) in the Kazakh Cup semi-final second leg and will face Astana in the final.


Semi-final first leg was played at the end of September, when Kairat got a 1-0 win in front of own fans. Such result left with some chances for Atyrau this time to get past, but Kairat arrived with great motivation. 


Atyrau: Ramil Nurmukhametov, Abdel Lamanje, Guy Stephane Essame, Vladimir Arzhanov, Vyacheslav Sharpar, Alexandru Curtean, Alexey Muldarov, Valentin Chureev, Ruslan Esatov, Pavel Shabalin, Maxim Fedin.


Kairat: Stas Pokatilov, Islambek Kuat, Timur Rudoselskiy, Cesar Arzo, Gafurzhan Suyumbaev, Mikhail Bakaev, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan, Andrey Arshavin, Isael Barbosa, Gerrard Gohou. 


The weather delighted supporters, it was nice and sunny in Atyrau, however on Friday it was raining heavily and was close 0 °C.


The game started lively and effectively. A minute after the first whistle Suyumbaev decided to shoot from outside the box, the ball hit the bar and ended up in the Nurmukhametov's net – 1:0.


Few minutes after Kairat could have doubled the lead. Islamkhan took on the opponent and made a good pass to Isael, who was chased by the defender, henceBrazilian decided not to shoot straight away, but after the danger was gone. 


Atyrau players found their game only towards the half way of the first half, they have started to control the ball a little more. Hosts even managed to get few dangerous attempts on target, especially highlighting a strike by Arzhanov, which forced a save from Pokatilov.


In one of their attack, Atyrau scored a goal, but an offside flag went up, unlucky for Curtean, who was also rewarded with a yellow strike, as his shot went after the whistle. Towards the end of the first half, Atyrau started to build up pressure on the oppostion's half, and again Curtean was the closet to level the game, but hit the bar.  


Kairat reponded with a quick counter-attack, which almost finished Isael, his shot was with some danger, but went wide.


The beginning of the second half did not entertain supporters with much attempts on goal. Atyrau threw themselves forward. they had nothing to lose. Towards the middle of the second half Kairat managed to regain the possession and doubled their lead. After a set-piece Arshavin decided to go for a shot and left no chances for the goalkeeper – 2:0. After this goal the heads of Atyrau players went down, they now had to score four to reserve the place in the final. 


The hosts were less active going forward, but were trying to create some attempts. All of them were stopped by Kairat, not allowing them to get back into the game.


Few minutes to the final whistle Aleshin showed two yellow cards to Turysbek, who came on for Gohou. Now Bauyrzhan will miss the final due to suspension, and the team were finishing the game with a man down. Nevertheless, even with a 10-men Kairat managed to score. Acevedo's free-kick found bottom right corner - 3:0.


Kairat managed to get an away against Atyrau in the semi-final and will try to win the Kazakh Cup for the third time running. The final will be on November 19 against FC Astana.