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Islamkhan is the most expensive Kazakh player

Bauyrzhan Islamkhan was named the most expensive Kazakhstan player following the updated information as the season ended.

The most expensive Kazakh player

Bauyrzhan Islamkhan 

23 years, 174 cm

Club: FC Kairat

Nationality: Kazakhstan

Position: Attacking/central midfielderАтакующий полузащитник/центральный полузащитник

Premier Leageu stats: 147 appearances, 34 goals

Playing in Kazakhstan since 2011

Market value: 1 800 000 Euro

21 appearances for Kazakhstan 

Talented Kazakh spent another successful year in the Premier League. However, he still did not lift a Premier League trophy. But his fans and spectators are not too fussed about winning the League, rather they would like to see their idol playing in one of the better European leagues. And who if not Bauyrzhan? Of course, he is gaining a lot from Kazakh Premier League. He has been leading the team on the pitch with the captain armband for two years running, allowing him to develop leadership skills, which are vital on the field. Казахстанский талант очередной год провел на хорошем уровне и отметился большим количеством голевых действий. 

The Islamkhan's market value has been rising since 2013. Starting in Taraz, Bauyrzhan was valued at 150 000 Euro. Big increase was when he joined FC Kuban, the club from Krasnodar payed $200 000 to FC Taraz and his value was at 345 000 Euro. In Kairat he was firstly valued at 590 000 Euro and a year after almost at 1 000 000 Euro. At the end of the season, Islamkhan was rated as the most expensive Kazakh player (1 800 000 Euro), surpassing Yuriy Logvinenko and Dmitri Shomko  (both 1 175 000 Euro).

Kairat is unlikely looking to sell their talent, but a good compensation from the European club can help with transfer. And the fact of selling a player will also have a positive effect for FC Kairat in terms of brand image. 

Source: Prosports.kz

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