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Five Kairat players – international players of the year

Local sports news website Sports.kz decided on the Team of the Year amongst international players.

The team was drawn up including five Kairat players – Zarko Markovic, Cesar Arzo, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Andrey Arshavin and Gerrard Gohou.

Centre backs:
Cesar Arzo (Kairat)
Zarko Markovic (

Good season for both defenders. For a Spanish player — half a season, since Cesar only joined this summer. Zarko's ability we have known for a long time now. In 2016 they have become true leaders of the team, and there should be no criticism in regards to their work rate.

Centre midfielder:
Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (

It is hard not to point out this central midfielder, amongst which, most of the team depends on him. During the season he was managing huge amount of work, contrubuting to both defencive and attacking parts. He was a crucial part of Kairat squad.

Left winger:
Аndrey Arshavin (

Russian star had faced some serious competition — Malik Mane from Taraz. But overall, based on personal and team statistics, Andrey was chosen over Mane. Of course, Arshavin is nop\t a pure left winger, but this season he most often played on the left. Hence, he is on the wing here. 

Gerrard Gohou (

Gerrard — Premier League top goalscorer this season. Sure, if he could finish the chances created, he could have broken all the goal scoring records... But even without it — he is a very good player.

Source: Sports.kz

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