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Andrey Arshavin: «I need to show results»

FC Kairat player spoke about how is it to play in snow in Kazakhstan, why he will not come back to Zenit and whether he has a goal to return to the national team. 

— Andrey, you are now working in Kazakhstan, but let's talk a bit about Russia. I can not believe that you do not follow FC Zenit at all. 
— Of course, I am interested how my home club is doing. I watch the games, when I can. 

— And what do you think?
— I like the way Zenit plays. At least, in those games that I have watched. Think, supporters must be happy. The team is not sitting in defence, trying to be creative, with quick transition from defence to attack. 

Now, Zenit is physically tired. Players doing things a little slower, than they usually do. Hence, defenders are able to move and adapt and that is why Zenit is not as convincing as at the beginning of the season. 

— Maybe it is better that Hulk has left the club? Finally Zenit started playing as a team, rather than "give the ball to Hulk".
— You can look at the situation from two angles: in terms of the picture of the game — maybe. But you could see that Hulk was making results, it is obvious. If Zenit will achieve the same without the Brazilian — then everything is right. 

— Will Andrey Arshavin and Zenit be together?
— No. Top clubs from Russian Premier League will not even consider inviting me. That is why I do not have any illusions that I will play for Zenit again. This is my favourite, home club. The club has done a lot for me, and I have given my health to Zenit. 

— Zenit is building a new team, CSKA has a tough season, Krasnodar is unlikely to be among contenders for the gold medals. Maybe in those conditions Spartak will win — simply because no one else can?

— Spartak will be fighting for gold medals until the end — that is true. Together with Zenit. CSKA, as you rightly pointed out, a lot problem with selection. Spartak game suits for the champion, I have seen quality wins against Krasnodar and Lokomotiv. But, Spartak does not have "champion's" squad.  

— «Champion's squad» — loose concept. Does anyone in the Russian Premier League has it?
— In my opinion, Zenit has stronger squad selection that Spartka. Krasnodar has similar level of players as Spartak.

— Do you have a clear goal — to get into the Russian team squad? Exactly a goal, not a wish.
— I do not have that goal definitely. i just want to play football, not to be attached to something. Maybe, the topic about national team will come up again. 

— What do you need to do for that?
— Jump out of the trousers and score many goals. I can do the first one, but second one — unlikely. Depends on the coach, I can not invite myself to the national team. Can you imagine how many goals do I need to score in Kazakhstan to attract attention?

— You lost in the cup final to Astana, but it is hard to call it a football, especially when the pitch was covered in snow and it was very cold. I think, Kairat would have got the win on the normal pitch. 
— We can say whatever we want. These are only excuses. Morevoer, we were trying to avoid playing on the astro turf in Astana, to play on the grass. And I think, despite the weather, we have done everything right. Because, in all honesty, the astro turf in Astana is very bad. 
Would be good, if they can change it next year. But in this situation we could not cancel the snow, right? 

— I was astonished by your physical conditions: you were running for the whole game both creating in attack and suporting in defence. Andrey Arshavin is 20 again?
— To be honest, I would not say that I ran a lot. I think, statistics will also show that I did not run all 90 minutes. Maybe, you are thinking that because I barely lost the ball in those moments which I took part in. 

— Modestly.
— This is true. Just saying the facts. Have a look at statistics later. 

— You are saying a lot of good and sincere words about Kairat. It looked like, from Russia, that you came to Kazakhstan only because of a good contract, but, it seems like, you are loyal to the club.

— I am here not only to give interviews, I need to show results. Kairat has not had any success with me. Even Kazakh Supercup Kairat won without my help. Other results - second places in league table and second in the Cup. Now our main target is to end the winning streak of Astana, which means this is my target as well.

— Do you feel that you can show solid level of physical form in your age? Or there are more situations where you feel your physical form is not at your best? 
— What do you mean - solid? I felt good against Astana, against Maccabi in Europe League - too. But in the next year I will be a year older. Physical form was never my strongest skill.

— In Almaty you are like a national hero. People from Almaty must love you more than in St.Petersburg.

— I dont think so (laughing). People in Saint-Petersburg love me more, than in any part of the world. They applause, even when I come on as a sub. So, obviously, it is always nice to hear your name. Here, in Almaty the fans are well coordinated and show their support all together. Overall, I feel myself good and comfortable here. I dont want to give any hopes that I will stay in Kairat for a long time. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. 

— Do you feel some social responsibility in from of FC Kairat and its supporters?
— I need to play at such level to conform with the club level and status and have to always keep myself in good form. I have been trying to do it in every team. And here I did not get involved in anything. Hope, it will continue the same in the future. 

— But, in situation with Kazakh blogger, where you shaved his head, you were involved. 
— It is not like I have been involved, it just happened... To be honest, Internet is not interesting for me. I dont have any social network accounts, etc. Nobody planned the story with the blogger, but it just happened - in the right place in the right time. There was no point in rejecting the opportunity —  it was funny and unnusual.

— You do not read Internet at all — how can you live without internet? 
— I do. I watch some things, but if I was looking at all the news about me I would have already been crazy. Or, it would mean that I do not have anything to do. 

Author: Anton Matveev

Source: championat.com

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