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Ultimate XI: "Kairat" - 80s: Alexander Ubykin

The only goalkeeper in the history of Kairat who has been the captain during the time in the Higher Division! He was born in Almaty March 30th, 1953 and lived in the district not far from Alma-Ata 1 station.

He made his first steps in football in Lokomotiv. But, as Alexander points out, he decided early on for himself the position in goal. Anatoliy Romko was the first coach with whom Ubykin left Almaty to Pskov for three years to play  for Electron and Mashinostroitel. He was only 16 at that time. In 1972 Alexander received a call up to the army. He served in the team Zvezda from Vyborg, where he played in the Leningrad region championship. He was spotted by SKA Rostov scouts and soon made a move there. During the 1973 season, playing for SKA Rostov, he made his debut in the Soviet Higher Division. In his first season he only appeared in couple of games, but during the next season in First Division when SKA were fighting for promotion to the highest division, coaches were confident in young Ubykin as a starting XI goalkeeper.  

– I was back in Almaty, – Ubykin is bringing his memories back, – and again we are fighting for the promotion to highest division. His first game for Kairat was on June 29th in Perm. 
The game was played at Lenin Komsomol Stadium against Zvesda. Even the defeat of 1-0 did not disappoint Kairat coaches. In the next game hey again trusted the newcomer. And he did not let the down. In his third match for Kairat (against Daugava in July 9th, 1976) Ubykin got his first clean sheet (2-0). Overall he managed to get three clean sheets in that season. His first clean sheet for Kairat in the Higher Division Ubykin got in April 12th, 1978 in the game against CSKA Moscow. This helped him to win individual battle against USSR-76 best goalkeeper Vladimir Astapskiy. Overall Ubykin has 49 clean sheets in his career for Kairat in the Soviet highest division. In 1980 Ubykin went on 350 minutes without conceding a goal. Even strikers like Vitaliy Starukhin, Stepan Yurchishin, Sergei Andreev and Alexander Zavarov could not put the ball in the Ubykin's net. 

Net year he managed to increase his clean sheet record by 5 minutes. Dinamo Moscow, Tavria and Kuban were the teams that did not manage to score a goal in the Ubykin's net. did not manage to score Dinamo Moscow, Tavria and Kuban.

His best season was in1984. Ubykin kept 11 clean sheets in 33 appearances. On average every third game – clean sheet! Alexander had two series of three matches where Kairat did not concede a goal. 
During the championship-85 Ubykin was best goalkeeper of Soviet Higher Division in saved penalties. That season the beat the likes of Rinat Dasaev, Otar Gabelia, Mikhail Biryukov and Ivan Zhekiu.

From summer 1985 onwards Alexander Ubykin was the captain of FC Kairat. Towards the end of his career he played for Traktor Pavlodar. At 35, according to survey conducted by national newspaper Sport, Alexander came second for Kazakh zone Best Player. With 223 appearances, Alexander is 7th best among FC Kairat guards in the Higher Division. He was confident coming out of his goal. Commanded his defence well. Ubykin has always been a highly respected individual on and off the pitch. 

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