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Ultimate XI: "Kairat" - 80s: Yusup Shadiev

Same age as FC Kairat. Born in May 23th, 1954 in Almaty. Grew up in large family, as a senior child was responsible for his brothers and sisters. His physical conditions were superb at young age: he could more than 20 pull-ups, swim across the lake near the airport back and forwards few times. Sport played vital part in his life. He tried himself in a range of different sports: boxing, baksetball, football, hockey, etc., and was always successful. He was even invited in a hockey youth national team in Ust-Kamenogorsk, but Yusup chose football. Coaches Vladimir Kotlyarov and Yuriy Yastrebov invited youngster to the youth national team. Seeing the effort and ability Bolotov recommended him to Kairat. He could have played for reserves for long time but in August, 1973 Kairat was taking on Karpaty. The game was not going well, 1-1 at half time and Baishakov got injured. Falian, taking advice from the team captain Rozhkov, has decided:  

– Shadiev is coming on. You will man mark Kozinkevich, the USSR national team player. Watch him! Выпускаем Шабиева. He was good at it. His look at opposition even before the game made players feel uncomfortable. During the game was even worse, a true nightmare for the away team. "The wolf" - nickname given by the oppositions. Supporters and team mates called him "Shadya".

During his career Shadiev had to mark players like Blokhin, Shengelia, Grachev, Gazzaev, Djavadov and Khadzipanagis. He was very organised at the back. He was a solid defender in the eyes of club coaches and hence they did not allow him to move to midfield. He is a pure defender! However, his caucasus background influenced him to go forward. May goals were scored from his crosses. Once it happened in the games against Shakhtar Donetzk in 1981. Both at home and away Shadiev assisted Gladilin, who scored a header after a brilliant cross. If Shadiev did not move to Terek later he could have become a unique record holder - 16 years in one team! Anyway, 193 games played in the Higher Division (1973–1985) –
very impressive achievement!

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