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Tskhadadze in the Top 3 Best Managers in the Premier League

FC Kairat manager Kakhaber Tskhadadze in the Top 3 Best Managers in the Premier League, as Kazakhstan media continue to publish end of the season reviews.

3rd place
Kakhaber Tskhadadze
48 years
Club: FC Kairat
Nationality: Georgia
Position in the Premier League: 2nd
29 games, 22 wins, 70 points
On average 2,4 points per game
Career statistics: 53,3% wins, 22,1% draws, 24,6% lost
Managing teams in Kazakhstan: Since April 2016

Tskhadadze finished top in Kazakhstan Premier League in relation to game/points. Kairat was the only team not to lose a single game at home in the Premier League. Georgian manager joined Kairat and started collecting points straight away. Kakhaber could always motivate players and fans. Nowadays it is hard to imagine games at Almaty Central Stadium without loud whistling and asocial instructions from the sideline from FC Kairat manager. 

Source: Prosports.kz

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