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Stanimir Stoilov: The weather conditions were tough today, but both teams showed good football

Post-match press-conference of FC Astana manager Stanimir Stoilov.

Stanimir Stoilov, FC Astana:

- Very happy that we managed to win two trophies this season. Would like to congratulate our players, management and club supporters with this win. Weather conditions were tough today, but both teams showed good football. 

- Do you remember any matches in your career in such weather conditions?

- Couple of years ago we played against Shakhter in Karagandy. Such conditions do not allow supporters to enjoy football as much. Games in this weather would be better to host at the closed stadium, but the decision was made to host it in Almaty, so we played here.

- Before the game, did you want to ask to postpone it?

- Unfortunately, we have no free date to postpone it. On Thursday we play in the Europa League. We do not have the power to postpone the game, same we did not want to play on the ice in Kokshetau as well. It is important, for those who organise those matches, to solve those problems in advance, as it is not only uncomfortable for the supporters, but can also be harmful for players. 

- You have a game against APOEL FC head. You won everything in Kazakhstan, can you now get the win in European tournament? 

- We will do our best, the game against APOEL FC will be very hard. Tomorrow we have an award ceremony, then from Monday we will start our preparation for the game in Europa League. If players will show their character, fans will support us, then we will be able to get a positive result. 

- Do you have any injured players?

- Nemanja had an injury, so he asked for the substitution, but we have already made three. We will see if he will recover, he had to tough games for the national team. We are struggling with the selection – we even had to put Nuserbayev on, who only had two trainings with us. Apart from him, we only had Despotic, Maliy and younger players.

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