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Only two left


28th day was a decisive one. After this Sunday it Is now clear that from now only two teams will continue to fight for win in the Premier League – Kairat and Astana. Other teams have now lost even theoretic chances of catching up with those two.

Aktobe: Samat Otarbayev, Kouassi Kouadja, Bobir Davlatov, Egor Azovskiy, Sandro Zveiba, Marat Sitdikov, Nikita Bocharov, Didar Zhalmukan, Bagdat Kairov, Viktor Kryukov, Kirill Shestakov.

Kairat:  Stas Pokatilov, Isael Barbosa, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Zarko Markovic, Andrey Arshavin, Gael Tawamba, Cesar Arzo, Mikhail Bakaev, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan, Islambek Kuat, Gafurzhan Suyumbaev.

Beginning of the first half ended up being very tough. Aktobe showed that at home, in front of own fans, will not let Kairat play their football. Club from Almaty was in its best line up, only one change was made in comparison to last match – Tawamba was in the starting XI.

First attempt on goal Kairat had on 5th minute. Mikhail Bakaev received the ball just outside the box and decided to shoot – just over the bar. Aktobe creating more danger upfront, which could have been shown by statistics. For a long time Kairat was able to defend well against the opposition, but towards the 20th minute Aktobe made several dangerous attempts. First, Dovlatov found himself in our box and put a cross inside where Zhalmukan was flying in to finish it, but missed. Couple of minutes after Kryukov was one-on-one with Pokatilov, but Stas was confident rushing out and removed the danger. Bocharov was trying to open the score with a long range shot, but off target.

Looked like those attempts increased the anger of Kairat players. Almaty players increased the pressure upfront and managed to win couple of corners. One of them almost finished Markovic with the header, but it went just over the bar. After that Isael had his chance, decided to shoot outside the box, which was deflected of the defender, but Otarbayev made an important save for the home team.

Towards the end of the first half Kairat was more comfortable on the opposition half. After another long combination the ball is in Arshavin’s feet, Andrey finds himself on the egde of the box, but decides to shoot – the ball ends up in the top left corner – 1:0. After opening the score Kairat had another few attempts on goal, but in the last 5 minutes Aktobe also had chances to equalise.  

Beginning of the second half reminded the start of the first. Aktobe players again were live from the start, but soon gave away the possession. Have to give credit to Aktobe, on 47th minute Bocharov was trying to finish a good cross by Zhalmukan, but Kuat blocked the shot.

Halfway through the second half Shestakov had a good attempt on goal, but fortunately for Kairat the ball hit the side of the net. One of the most dangerous moments for Aktobe happened on 72nd minute. Kakimov managed to hit the ball away from Pokatilov’s hands and was about to take a shot, but was well blocked by Arzo.

Kairat made two changes. Gohou and Darabayev meant to refresh the attack. Kairat was combining well, but didn't manage to get enough shots away, and have to give credit to Aktobe defence who had one of the best games this season.

In the last 10 minutes of the game Gohou and Isael were creating the advantage in the opposition’s half, but couldn't get close to the goal.

Kairat managed to get a very important win away and continue to fight for the first place – 1:0. Has to be said that after today’s тура a club from Almaty guaranteed second place in the league this season. Next game will be on October, 1st in Almaty against Ordabasy.

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