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Kakhaber Tskhadadze: We saw less of the football, but more struggle

Post match press conference of FC Kairat manager Kakhaber Tskhadadze.

Kakhaber Tskhadadze, FC Kairat:

- I would like to congratulate Astana with winning both Cup and a Premier League. Talking about the game, of course the weather affected the game. We saw less of the football, but more struggle and long balls. Set-pieces - Astana's strength. But we still created a lot of chances, we were just unlucky. They did not have man attempts on our goal. Unfortunately we did not finish our chances. Football dos not forgive that. In a simple situation we allowed ourselves to concede. I said to my players that they have nothing to be ashamed of because we have showed a good football. I will repeat, we were just unlucky.

- During the game you did not make any changes. You had no one to strengthen the game?

- We did not have a single striker who we could have put on. That is why we asked Markovic to go forward for the last ten minutes. The only player who could have played upfront was Turysbek. But he was sent-off when we were 3:0 up. I am ashamed of this referee, who showed two yellow cards. We made an appeal, but it was not even considered. Look at the world practice, FIFA President is looking at the video footage and looks into it. They needed to analyse that it was a wrong decision. We had young players on the bench. Do not think they would have strengthened the game. Hence, we did not make any substitutions. But you have seen that in the last game of the season Astana players were tired, but our players functioned well. Despite the weather, we showed good football. 

- Do not you think that referee inspector should have postponed the game?

- I can not judge it now. The only thing I knew before the game is that such weather is against Kairat. It led to problems, especially in the attack build up. 

- What kind reaction was from Arshavin and Tymoshchuk from the game on such pitch?

- They know that they have to play. They came on and fought. I am grateful that they have showed character. Kairat did not deserve to lose. This is football. Sometimes, half-a-chance is finished, but clear chances are missed. I would like to be understood in the right way. Kairat's game is different, and such weather does not allow to play our football. But conditions were the same for both sides. 

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