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Kakhaber Tskhadadze: Kairat is the team that is always moving forward

FC Kairat manager Kakhaber Tskhadadze gave a post-match interview after beating FK Kukesi 1-0. 

Gerard Gohou's goal helped the club from Almaty get the win in first friendly game at pre-season in Turkey. 

Kakhaber Tskhadadze, FC Kairat:

— We were planning to take a look at all players in action and that is what we did today. Unfortunately Acevedo got injured and that is a big worry for me. First game, together with hard physical sessions, is always tough, but in fairness I was happy with the first half, created a lot of chances which we struggled to finish, but at the moment I do not see it being a big problem for us. Players showed a good game despite hard physical and fitness sessions. Team who played in the first half did another training after the half time and the team who played in the second half also training at the moment, so everything is going according to plan. But on the other hand, whether it is a friendly game or not, Kairat is the team that is always moving forward and we are happy that we got a win today. 

— How did you prepare for the opposition?

— We have been watching their games and showed them to the players. We knew their game, in the first half the only chance they created was the player carried the ball in the box and got a penalty. We played well in the first half, apart from that moment. We created lots of chances, played with big tempo. Unfortunately in the second half the game did not have much action, the tempo slowed down, and that is something I did not like. But at the moment it is understandable.

— Game with two teams playing a half each, was it something you have planned before? 

 — Acevedo worked very hard in trainings and I am very worried about his injury. It will be a shame if he will have to be out for long time. Apart from that everything is going according to plan, we have played a friendly game with two teams, we are training tomorrow and then we will rest for a day and a half to recover and then we will start our second phase of preparation and will play another friendly game on 19 January against Orenburg. We will then have four days holiday and will continue our preparation for next season. 


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