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Kairat got the revenge against Orenburg

FC Kairat managed to get a win in a friendly game against FC Orenburg.

This was a second friendly game for our team at the pre-season. First one was played on 12 January against FK Kukesi (1-0), when Gerard Gohou scored the winning goal. 

This time, the opponent was more solid and dangerous than the Albanian side. Although Orenburg is at the bottom of Russian Premier League, nevertheless, this team possesses a threat to Kakhaber Tskhadadze's side. 

Kairat could not find its passing game from the beginning and Russians were dictating the game. As the game went on Kairat players were trying to regain the possession. In the first half Kairat managed to create a few chances: Isael was on the finishing end and could have opened the score, but the goalkeeper saved the shot. Gohou had a good chance after one of the corners, but the ball hit the crossbar. 

After a series of meaningless attacks, Kairat opened the score 20 minutes into the game — Gohou received a through ball and found himself one on one with the goalkeeper, who made an error and Ivorian striker scored in the empty net — 1:0.

The game has changed after a scored goal: Kairat was taking more care on the ball and Orenburg was more aggressive. 

On the 31st minute Orenburg players made another mistake and passed the ball to Bauyrzhan Islamkhan, who carried the ball to the oppositions's box, passed the ball to Gerard Gohou who placed the ball into the bottom corner and doubled the lead — 2:0.

Tskhadadze made four changes in the half time — Yeldos Akhmetov, Islambek Kuat, Cesar Arzo and Stanislav Pokatilov were taken off for Ermek Kuantayev, Mikhail Bakaev, Timur Rudoselskiy and Vladimir Plotnikov. 

From the beginning of the second half both teams were fighting for possession. Kairat did a little better. In one of the chances, Arshavin took the ball towards the centre from the wing and had a powerful shot on goal, but the ball went wide. 

Towards the 60th minute Kairat was all over Orenburg and got a free-kick from the 30 yards out. Islamkhan striked it with the power, it looked like he was going in, but went just wide. 

As we were approaching the end of the game, Orenburg was close to scoring a goal, but could do nothing against our competent play at the back. 

Bauyrzhan Turysbek sealed the win for Kairat, as his shot went straight into the corner — 3:0. So, Kairat managed to get the revenge for the defeat in Almaty in 2016. 

Friendly game.

Kairat - Orenburg - 3:0 (2:0)

Goals: Gohou 21, 31, Turysbek 80

Kairat: Pokatilov (Plotnikov 46), Markovic, Akhmetov (Kuantayev 46), Suyumbayev (Vorogovskiy 80), Arzo (Rudoselskiy 46), Kuat (Bakaev 46), Appiah (Baltabayev 56), Islamkhan (Evseev 66), Arshavin (Turysbek 63), Isael (Raimbek 80), Gohou (Abiken 82)

19 January 2017. Turkey.

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