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Kairat beat FK Kukesi 1-0

Gerard Gohou's only goal yeasterday earned Kairat a minimal win over Albanian side FK Kukesi. 

The players have been working on their physical conditions since 5 January on first pre-season in Turkey. Friendly game against Albanian side FK Kukesi added a bit of enthusiasm in the training session schedule.  

From the first minutes Kakhaber Tskhadadze's team were in possession and had numerous chances to take advantage of that. Kukesi found hard to win chellenges against Kairat and decided drop deeper, hoping for the counter-attacks. In one of the counters, 8 minutes into the game, the opposition's striker dribbled into the box and gone down, the referee pointed to the spot. Even the most furious shouts from Kairat players could not change the referee's mind. Pero Pejic took the penalty, but the ball hit the post. Plotnikov guessed it right and jumped where Pejic sent the ball and even if the shot was on target, he probably would have saved it. 

Five minutes after Kairat had the chance to open the score in this game through great combination play — Bauyrzhan Islamkhan picked out Andrey Arshavin with good ball in, who got himself free from the defenders and was aiming for the top corner, but the ball went just wider the post. Three minutes after Georgy Zhukov, a new face to the club, and Islamkhan beat three defenders with good combination play and Bauyrzhan found Arshavin again and this time his shot was on target, but not enough power on the ball — Enea Koliqi made a save. 

Towards the end of the first half Kairat managed to create another quick attack, where Gafurzhan Suyumbayev found himself on the finishing end with the acrobatic flip — the ball went over the bar. First half finished with a draw 0-0.

In the second half Kairat changed the line-up completely. Kakhaber Tskhadadze allowed the players who were playing in the first half a rest to see other players in action.

Four minutes into the second half Kairat finally managed to open the score. Raimbek dribbled with the ball on the left wing, passed it to the overlapping Vorogovskiy who found Gerard Gohou in the box with the good cross in. Gohou headed the ball into the net. 

After scoring a goal Kairat was more active and could have doubled the lead when Islambek Kuat striked the ball cleanly from the distance forcing the goalkeeper to make another good save. 

After several goalscoring opportunities, which were not finished, the ball mainly concentrated in the centre of the pitch — teams were challenging for the ball, hence we did not see any more goals. 

Friendly game.

FC Kairat - FK Kukesi - 1:0 (0:0)

Goals: Gohou, 49

FC Kairat, first half: Plotnikov, Markovic, Soares, Suyumbayev, Akhmetov Appiah, Zhukov, Islamkhan, Arshavin, Turysbek, Baltabayev

FC Kairat, second halfPokatilov, Kuantayev, Rudoselskiy, Arzo, Vorogovskiy, Isael, Acevedo, Kuat, Raimbek, Gohou. 

12 January 2017. Turkey.

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