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Best goals this season (video)

Have a look at our choice of Top 5 goals this season. 

We picked beautiful and important goals for this list. This is however not 100% objective, every supporter will have a different opinion on it. 

5th place. Gerard Gohou (Maccabi TA - Kairat)

This list could not have existed without Ivorian striker. Two seasons in a row Gerard proves that he is the best striker in Kazakhstan. He scored man goals this season, but we would like to point out this one. 

Europa League game against Maccabi Tel Aviv away was tough for Kairat. After first half the team was losing and this meant that Maccabi was to go through. But on the 64th minute Gohou scored against Rajkovic and gave hopes to the fans.

4th place. Gafurzhan Suyumbayev  (Atyrau - Kairat)

Suyumbayev joined Kairat this summer, but very soon became an important part of the squad. Calm and organised off the pitch, but aggressive and determined on it – this is Gafurzhan. Although scoring goals is not his main aim, but Suyumbayev likes to shoot. 

He scored a very important goal in the Cup semi-final against Atyrau. Kairat managed to хget a minimal win at home, hence Kairat were among the favourites going into away game. From the first minutes of the game Suyumbayev proved again that he has got great shooting ability and left the goalkeeper with no chance.  

Hard not to remember Gael Tawamba (Kairat - Akzhayik)

In the first round Akzhayik from Uralsk was a tough opponent for Kairat. Having gone down twice in that game, the winning goal was beautifully scored by Gael Tawamba. Although we can there was a bit of luck scoring that goal, but it was hard not to include it on the list.

3rd place. Bauyrzhan Islamkhan (Kairat - Irtysh)

This year our captain scored about twenty goals in 2016. First match days were goalless for Islamkhan, but Bauyrzhan did not drop his head and kept trying to find himself a goal. Islamkhan scored his first goal in May and after that it was very hard to stop our captain from scoring goal. 

If in 2015 Islamkhan scored one of the best goals in UEFA Europa League against Aberdeen, in the game against Irtysh he managed to do something similar. In 27th match day Kairat could not score second goal for a long time in the game against Irtysh. On 81st minute Kairat got a throw-in near the opposition's box, Tawamba received the ball in the box and lid the ball to Islamkhan. Our captain did not hesitate and sent the ball in the top corner with his first touch.    

2nd place. Islambek Kuat (Kairat - Astana)

This defensive midfielder can be described with two words – true fighter. This year Islambek did not play as many matches on his position, played more on the position of a wing back. Kuat has not scored a lot of goals, and it is not really his main aim, but two or three goals Kuat does score every season. 

Goal against Astana ended up being not only spectacular, but very important in that game. After a quick counter Islamkhan passed the ball to Kuat, who put the ball in the net with his first touch, made it 2-0.

1st place. Andrey Arshavin (Kairat - Taraz)

One of the best players in the history of Russian football is looking like he will write his name in the history of Kazakhstan football as well. In Kazakh Premier League Andrey had not the best start, but as the season went on Arshavin showed his best.

Arshavin scored many important goals this season. Goal against Taraz was something special. Arshavin received the ball from Tymoshchuk, took the ball away from the opponents and chipped the goalkeeper. You have to watch it! 

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