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Zero draw in Shymkent

Zero draw ends the first semi-final match of the Kazakhstan Cup in Shymkent.

Ordabasy FC - Kairat FC - 0:0

Ordabasy: Almat Bekbaev (B), Alexander Heinrich (78, Buleshev), Abdullay Diakate, Alexander Simchevich, Nikita Bocharov, Kirilo Kovalchuk, Pablo Fontanello, Azat Nurgaliev (C), Temirlan Erlanov, Mardan Tolebek, Yerkebulan Tungishbayev (82, Gogua)

Spare: Ramil Nurmukhametov, Renat Abdulin, Talgat Adyrbekov, Kairat Ashirbekov, Bekzat Baysenov, Mukhtar Mukhtarov, Bakdaulet Kozhabaev

Kairat: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbayev, Akos Elek, Yeldos Akhmetov, Yan Vorogovsky, Georgy Zhukov, Mikhail Bakaev, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan (K), Isael (65, Arshavin), Ivo Ilichevich, Bauyrzhan Turysbek (64, Chuma Anene)

Spare: Stas Pokatilov, Oleg Grubov, Alibek Kasym, Timur Rudoselsky, Yermek Kuantayev, Oybek Baltabayev

Warnings: 42, Elek, 45 + 2, 71, Akhmetov, 90 + 4, Anene - 84, Simcevic

Sent off: 71, Akhmetov

The match took place in difficult conditions. If the lawn and infrastructures at the stadium BIIK still fit modern standards, this time the abnormal heat definitely made its adjustments to the game.

The starting structure of Almaty residents underwent insignificant changes. On the spearhead of the attack, Bauyrzhan Turysbek played today from the first minutes, and the captain of the team Bauyrzhan Islamkhan has fully recovered from the recent injury.

The first half of the game was not remembered by something special. The teams were cautious, at the same time, without creating especially sharp moments ahead. Yellow-black had a good chance to open a score in a frenzied attack, but Ordabasy knocked the ball in time .

The most dangerous moment was created by Kirilo Kovalchuk. Midfielder hosts long-range shot hit directly into the cross gate of Plotnikov.

In the second half of the match, the Shymkent players rushed forward. The home team had at once two opportunities to come forward. First, Nurgaliev in a counterattack checked Plotnikov's readiness - Vladimir did not fail. A few minutes later, Geynrikh remains alone in the penalty area Kairat FC, trying to break through the gate, but at the time of the blow, all the same Plotnikov covers the ball.

In one of the sharp counter-attacks, Eldos Akhmetov breaks the rules and receives a second warning. Thus, the Almaty collective remains in the minority. But even so, Kairat is looking for ways to get ahead.

Ivo Ilichevich in the end of the match with a penalty kick had real chances to lead his team forward - Bekbaev checked everything and moved the ball to the corner.

At the end of the meeting, Plotnikov does not immediately manage to fix the ball and he nearly rolled into the goal, but Suyumbaev knocked him out of the ribbon in time.

The first match of the semi-final of the Cup of Kazakhstan ends with a zero score.

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