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Victory on a white hill

Kairat takes away three points from Aktobe.

Aktobe - Kairat - 1:2

Goals: Shestakov, 50 - Gohou, 29, Zhukov, 77

Aktobe: Andrey Sidelnikov (B), Oleksandr Volovik, Muarem Muarem, Tomas Šimkovič Joseph Nane, Slobodan Simovic (Zhumagali, 78), Christiane Kolchak (Savic, 26), Bagdat Cairo, Igor Zenkovich (Obradovic, 78), Kirill Shestakov, Ruslan Valiullin

Spare: Samat Otarbayev (B), Abay Zhunusov, Anton Shurygin, Aslanbek Kakimov, Rafkat Aslan, Ardak Saulet,

Kairat: Stas Pokatilov (B), Gafurjan Suyumbaev, Sheldon Bateau, Cesar Arzo, Eldos Akhmetov Islambek Kuat, Mikhail Bakaev (Turysbek, 67), Akos Elek, Isael da Silva Barbosa, Georgy Zhukov (Anene, 88), Gerard Gohou

Spare: Vladimir Plotnikov, Timur Rudoselsky, Oybek Baltabaev, Magomed Paragulgov

Cards: Valiullin, 2, Shestakov, 8, Nyain, 28, moire, 39, Sidel'nikov, 39, Savich, 45+ - Quat 36, Gou, 44, Akhmetov 59

The match of irreconcilable rivals promised to be extremely interesting - so it turned out. The status of the game was confirmed by the filled rostrums at the Central Stadium of Aktobe. The fans expressed their warm support from the first minutes of the meeting.

Kairat also demonstrated the attacking style from the beginning of the game: all this resulted in two swift violations of the players of Aktobe. First, Valiullin earned a yellow card, a few minutes later, Shestakov "supported" his teammate with another mustard plaster.

On 12 minutes, Gerard Gohou made a really dangerous moment: Ivorian inside the penalty swept the two "Aktobe" defenders knocked the ball Sidelnikov from under the feet of Gohou. At the finish, Isael tried to break through - all the same Sidelnikov hit the ball in the recumbent position.

Opened the account in the match Gerard Gohou. Cross Eldos Akhmetov, he fell on his leg to Islambek Kuat, which roughly knocked Joseph Nane and thus Atazhanov fixed penalty, which sold Ivorian - 0: 1.

Further, Kairat began to act neatly and completed the first half of the game, leading with a minimal difference in the score.

In the second half, the Aktobe activists became active - Mukhanov's hand was visible, which motivated his players. Kirill Shestakov at the 50th minute of the meeting, receiving a pass-through - compared the score in the match. After the goal, the hosts even more populated on our gates: Savich checked the readiness of Pokatilov, who caught the ball in his hands.

Even more nerves spoiled the blow of Moirem, who came directly to the crossbar of the gate "Kairat". Almaty same players involved closer to the end of the meeting, on 71 minutes, Islambek Kuat tried to break from a long position - Sidelnikov hardly spectacular save.

At the 77th minute, Georgy Zhukov removed two defenders of Aktobe on a backswing and sent the ball into the goal with a beautiful, percussive stroke - 1: 2. Under the ending game, Gerard Gow played with Turysbek, the last beat the Ivorian and Sidelnikov played competently, helping his teammates.

In the last minutes of the game Aktobe added relics, having poured on the gates of Almaty players. On Kairat it did not affect and yellow-black could finish the match on a winning note.

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