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Two in one

After a long and very tiring for the fans of the winter break, a big football returns to Almaty.

Yes, we all gathered at the stadium to see the triumph of our favorite team in Kazakhstan's Supercup live, but the Championship is always something special. Players from Almaty need to score points from the first rounds and after winning the trophy at the start of the season, Kairat FC should go without stalling.

The first rival in the Championship for the wards of Tskhadadze will be the Aktobe FC from the west of Kazakhstan. Such an outcome of the draw is just a holiday of some sort, to start the season with a game with your principal opponent, you can not even think of anything better. Do not forget that the match will be held on March 8, which significantly raises the mood of a strong half of the fans.

Aktobe FC is a Kazakh football club from the same city, founded in 1967. Spends games at the stadium "Central" (unofficially named after Koblandy Batyr), holds about 13 thousand people. Former club names: Aktobe, Aktobemunai, Aktobe-Lento. The official site is fc-aktobe.kz.

Who is who?

In this offseason players from Aktobe pleasantly surprised many fans from Kazakhstan. The team was headed by the Ukrainian coach Igor Rakhaev, who did not reinvent the wheel and brought several familiar footballers to Aktobe. The former from Kharkiv Papa Guye and Chaco Torres stand alone here. In addition, in the red-white appeared strong Brazilians Cassiano, Mamute and Juninho.

From Kazakhstan, we can note the return to the structure of Aktobe FC Andrei Sidelnikov, who spent the last season in our team. Another ex-kairat player - Bauyrzhan Baitana, will also play there. As for losses, local players Aimbet and Zhalmukan will no longer perform in Aktobe.

What to say?

For the head coach of Aktobe FC Igor Rakhaev this season in Kazakhstan will be the first, and the game with "Kairat" - the debut. Ukrainian specialist notes that the red and white are going to fight with the strongest Kazakhstan teams: "The objectives and goals are the most ambitious. It makes no sense to work without high tasks. Therefore, at the first stage, the most important was to assemble a battle-worthy team, roll it over so that it could fight the leaders of the championship of Kazakhstan" .

What to expect?

Kairat FC started the season very well, winning the Super Bowl on the lawn of the "Central". On a festive spring day, Almaty residents are determined to make again a pleasant to present to all the townspeople and defeat the most principled opponent in the first round.

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