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They have said – they have done

This bet happened at the beginning of the season, the blogger Peter Volikov said that Arshavin will not manage to achieve anythig in the Premier League. Journalist even made a bet - if Arshavin will score 8 goals for Kairat this season, Peter will shave head.

If we are talking about total number of goals that Andrey has scored for Kairat this season, then his 8th goal he put in the opposition's net long ago, in the game against Taraz in July. However his 8th goal in the Premier League he scored recently - on September, 25th in the away game against Aktobe.  

After the game Arshavin recorded a video message, addressing it to the blogger Peter Volikov reminding him about the bet and even promised to shave his head personally. 

This has been quickly picked up by the media and after 10 days both parties agreed on the meeting. The "haircut" took place at Shopping Centre Almaly, located at The Republic Square, 2 in Almaty. There was a lot of interest to witness this unusual process from football fans and a shopping centre visitors. After a small show, taking place just before the main part of the event, both parties appeared on the stage at front of the crowd.

Before the beginnig of the haircut process Andrey was consulting with the specialist, which helped him to successfully show his new skills at front of the crowd. Arshavin was confidently holding hair clippers and at the end Peter's new hair style looked good, but needed some polishing up. 

- To be honest, I felt little nervous, I did not want to hurt Peter's head, Andrey was sharing some thoughts - I think I have done a good job, keeping it accurate. The situation that happened 10 days ago finished today. 

Video about the event is available at the website.

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