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Metropolitan peak

Kairat FC in the most important derby of the country is smashing the team from the capital of Kazakhstan.

Kairat FC - Astana FC - 3:0

Goals: 22, Arshavin, 61, Logvinenko (own goal), 76, Ilichevich

Kairat: Stas Pokatilov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbayev, Akosh Elek, Eldos Akhmetov (86, Arzo), Yan Vorogovsky, Mikhail Bakaev, Islambek Kuat, Bauyrzhan Islamhan (K), Isael (90, Zhukov), Andrei Arshavin (71 , Ilichevich), Gerard Gou

Spare: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Timur Rudoselsky, Yermek Kuantayev, Oybek Baltabaev, Bauyrzhan Turysbek, Chuma Anene

Astana: Alexander Mokin (B), Dmitry Shomko (K), Yury Logvinenko (80, Beisebekov), Marin Anichich, Evgeny Postnikov, Igor Shitov, Ivan Mayevsky, Srdjan Grahovac (85, Tvumasi), Azdren Llullak (46, Murtazaev ), Junior Kabananga, Serikzhan Muzhikov

Spare: Nenad Erich (V), Didar Zhalmukan

Warnings: 39, Arshavin, 83, Kuat - 29, Logvinenko, 70, Majewski, 90 + 5, Bisebekov, 90 + 5, Tvumasi

Definitely one of the most important matches this year had a special status and Kairat FC for the return of intrigue was necessary to win.

The match began with a dangerous moment from the guests. Junior Kabananga from the first touch sent the ball above the gate, but, nevertheless, the blow was extremely sharp. The moment came from Gafurzhan Suyumbayev. Flanky defender long-range shot checked Mokin, who took the ball to the corner.

Already at the 22nd minute, Andrei Arshavin opened the scoring. Gerard Gohou left the ball on a blow to the Russian, who beat the ball with a beautiful stroke to the "nine" goal - 1:0.

The Astana residents answered with sharp canopies. From the first minutes it was noticeable that the guest instructor put the installation on long-distance gear. In one of these, Junior Kabananga sent the ball head to the goal, where on the ribbon Suyumbayev rescued the team.

After the goal scored, the pace of the game only increased. But, despite this, the teams went on a break at the same expense.

The second half of the game began more calmly. The second goal in the match, in fact, came from nowhere: Islamkhan gave the standard in the penalty area of ​​Astana FC, where the head played Logvinenko  sent the ball into his own net - 2:0.

Ivo Ilichevich in the 76th minute escapes alone to Mokin and overplayed the goalkeeper of Astana team - 3: 0 and the Almaty team completely smashes the guests from the capital of the country.

Thanks to this victory, Kairat takes its three points and rises to the second place in the Premier League standings.

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