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Konstantin Gorovenko: «We need constant competition»

Head Coach of the FC Kairat First League team gave interview to the club media department. 

Many Kairat supporters remember Konstantin Gorovenko as a FC Kairat player, who also made appearances for the national team. After retirement, Konstantin worked as a coach in Sunkar Kaskelen, but later returned to Almaty again. 

In 2014 Gorovenko started to work in the Academy and at the beginning of the next year was invited to join first team coaching staff. Here, Konstantin has already worked with three strong managers – Vladimir Weiss, Alexandr Borodyuk and Kakhaber Tskhadadze.  

After Kairat U21 finished top in the Second League, club board decided that Konstantin Gorovenko is ready to manage the training process and therefore was appointed as Head Coach for the First League team. 

In the short interview, the Head Coach told us about the work already done, goals for the season and first conclusions. 

- Konstantin, congratulations on your appointment. How do you feel having a new role now? 

- Thank you, I missed such a job. I mean the pressure, training rhythm, game analysis, conversations with players. I have recovered my skills, no matter how many people worked as an assisstant – Head Coach always has the most responsibilities and pressure.

- Last few years you have been working with the first team. How did the welcome meeting went with the First League team players? 

- I think everything went well, I know many players from the Academy. They have grown during this period, of course, I followed them, some of them trained with the first team. It is important now not to make quick decisions, but to have more conversations – it helps to get closer.

We have worked now for three weeks. I need to get to know players, how they behave, how they react to comments and their professionalism. This all will be clear in everyday work. 

- What have you worked on during these three weeks?

- We were trying to give players interesting drills so they enjoy training sessions. Now, when we are close to breaking up on holidays, it is hard to motivate them. We gave them more game-related drills, to avoid getting injuries. 

- What are your plans in terms of getting ready for the season? 

- After a small-sided game we have let the team go for a month. They will have two weeks of holidays, and then every player will need to train according with individual programs – then light training sessions for recovery, which will help tho get the players ready for the pre-season. We start our first pre-season camp on 9th January in Almaty. At first, we will work once a day, getting ready. We then have two training plans – depends on whether we will play in qualifying rounds of the Cup or not. So far, we are planning to have two camps in Almaty and one abroad. 

- Can you give any comments now based on what you have seen so far? 

- Players are very disciplined, trying to listen to what is required from them. At the moment we are lacking speed upfront. Atr this time defence is better than attack, we starting the attack well, getting into the third zone, but we face problems with finishing. We create chances, but can not finish them. During the pre-season we will concentrate on it. 

- What goals do you set your team next season?

- The board has officially set the goals for next season – finishing in the top 6. We have not had experience of playing against professional teams yet, first of all we need to decide on the problem positions. 

- How will the squad change towards the beginning of the season?

- Overall the team is ready. Those players, who finished first in the Second League are good enough to play a league above. It would be silly to change things massively , but we understand that even after the most successful season FC Barcelona, for example, add two or three players to the squad. It is important to increase competitiveness in the team so players do not get used to the environment and keep progressing. We need constant competition. 

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