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Kakhaber Tskhadadze: "The season will be very interesting and tense"

The head coach of the Almaty Kairat FC Kakhaber Tskhadadze commented on the result of the first match of the Premier League of Kazakhstan against Aktobe FC (1: 0):

- First of all, I congratulate everyone on the beginning of the season. You saw how the first round was held and, I think, the season will be very interesting and tense. As for the game, of course, after such a match, which was three days ago, where players released a lot of emotions - there is a psychological moment and a little lack of aggressiveness. In the rest, well combined, created moments and it is necessary to note Sidelnikov at the gate. He played very well, saved the team many times.

In the second half, when we added speed - "Aktobe" no longer had time and on the case we scored a goal. Then we played at the expense, and I understand that more attacks and goals are waiting from the "Kairat", but there are times when it is necessary and smart to play to earn three points. The guys coped, thank them for this. Now we need to think about how to recover as quickly as possible. The calendar is now full, every fourth day of the game. We need to do rotations, and we, thank God, have players who can make replacements. We will think and move on, the season has just begun. I told the guys: "You have to put everything else aside for these nine months and make the maximum allowance to get the result."

- What about Oibek Baltabayev's game?

Let's, first of all, congratulate him on his debut. This is his first game. We took Baltabayev with us to the camp when he returned from the lease. We immediately liked him very much. He played very good friendly games and almost all 90 minutes against the team "Wings of the Soviets", when Misha Bakaev was not. I think he is a full-fledged player of the basic staff and, of course, we have to work hard and move on. He has a great potential, I am very glad that we have returned it and prepared it. Correctly done. Kuat missed the game today, according to the rules, I did not even know about it. We only learned the day before yesterday that because of the Super Bowl, he will need to skip the game in the championship (smiling). But, the regulations are the rules, it is impossible to violate it. In this position, in principle, can play and Zhukov, but I see him in a different position, he will definitely play. So, I think that Baltabayev coped.

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