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Kairat FC - the owner of the Super Cup!

Yellow-black won a confident victory against Astana FC - 2: 0.

Coaching staff of the Kairat FC did not experiment and went on the field in the game for the Super Bowl without beginners. The only exception was Eldos Akhmetov, who joined the Almaty team at the end of last season.

Kairat players did not force events and allowed Astana residents to start playing first number. Team from Astana, which is more used to acting on defense, did not immediately manage to adapt to this style of playing our team. Although the first dangerous moment was still on the account of Astana FC, Kabananga managed to get rid of guardianship on the edge of the penalty area and hit hard - the ball passed by.

Nominal guests, who were our players, closer to the middle of the first half began to play their usual football from a position of strength. Almaty players attacked much more often, but it did not always happen before the impact hit. Of all the shots, we can separately note the attempts of Arshavin and Isael, the captain of "Astana" could hardly cope with this danger.

In the second half, Almaty strengthened their onslaught, practically depriving Astana of its chances to create something ahead. Kairat FC worked well on the flanks, but it was not too often to pierce the yellow and black. And those blows that were still inflicted did not pose a particular threat to Erich and the company. To grieve the captain of Astana FC for the first time it was possible to Gerard Gau who has thrown a ball through the Kazakh of the Serbian origin. However, this goal was not scored.

Kairat FC did not cease to dominate and managed to finish the opponent. Cesar Arzo successfully closed the submission Islamkhan, scoring the first goal this season - 1:0.

Astana FC had to make adjustments, replacing several players. On the field were Murtazaev and Zhalmukan, who slightly aggravated the game at the gate of Plotnikov. But the goalkeeper and the entire defensive line of Kairat FC acted without mistakes.

Kairat FC not only managed to keep the score, but also increased the advantage. Literally in the next attack, Kuat was on a rendezvous with Erich and beat the goalkeeper Astana team - 2:0.

Thus, Kairat FC becomes a two-time winner of the Super Cup of Kazakhstan! Congratulations to everyone with the start of the new season, the first match of the Championship will be held on March 8, our opponent will be FC Aktobe.



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