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Kairat Boranbayev: «Football Federation faces tough challenges»

FC Kairat President gave his comments after Kazakhstan Football Federation extraordinary session.

- First of all I would like to congratulate new Kazakhstan Football Federation (FFK) President Seilda Baishakov with his appointment. This person is not new to football industry and knows all the problems inside out. We would like to congratulate Kairat veteran with his appointment. FFK faces tough challenges and we hope that new FFK management will achieve all goals. 

- Earlier this year you were part of FFK Executive Committee, but today current Executive Committee has resigned. Why did you not get into Executive Committee for next year? 

- The job in the Executive Committee requires serious commitment and a lot of time. Unfortunately, due to big amount of social work and work in Kazakhstan Paralympic Committee and FC Kairat, I will not be able to spend enough time doing the job in Executive Committee. Hence, I was forced to quit this position and not to be part of Executive Committee for next year. We hope that next Committee will complete all the tasks and goals and will bring benefits to Kazakhstan football.

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