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Kahaber Tskhadadze: "The team played very well"

Head coach of the Almaty Kairat FC Kakhaber Tskhadadze commented the victory in the match of the Super Cup of Kazakhstan against Astana FC(2:0):

- Congratulations to the team with a good game and a victory in the Super Cup. Many thanks to our fans, it was cold today. I want to say : "You are super!", I am very grateful to them and take off my hat in front of them. They came in this weather and were rooting for us. Before the game, I told the guys that we can not let them down, they came to cheer for us. I'm very glad that we did not disappoint them and we showed good, beautiful football - the result is very happy. Nobody doubts that Kairat FC and Astana FC are high-level teams. In the first minutes the initiative was for Astana FC, we did not get control of the ball, there was some excitement and then calmed down. In the second half, we adjusted all the ball control, created many moments and, thank God, we scored a goal. In the end of the match, Astana FC attacked and was the key moment when Plotnikov rescued us in the last minute. Coming out of the general game, I think that Kairat FC today deserved to win more.

- You said that the first 15 minutes the game was for Astana FC, how did tactics of Kairat FC change in the second half?

- Nothing has changed, we continued to play our football. I told them this: "We need to play the football that we trained at the training camp." Yes, 15 minutes we could not control the match, but we defended well and did it carefully. Despite all the power of Astana, we still did not let them create moments. In general, I think the team played very well.

"You argued vigorously with the judges. In your opinion, did they help someone?

- Of course not. The judge has his own guide, which analyzes their game. The only thing, it seemed to me, that two times it was possible to put a penalty. I expressed this emotionally, but I apologized after the game.

-What do you think about new players in the team?

"Eldos coped very well." In the first game there is always excitement. Thank God that he was able to overcome it and recommended himself well. The potential and level of Ivo is very high, but we need to improve its functional condition slightly. We have acquired a very strong player and, I think that we greatly intensified when he came out. Shava was very exacerbated and Ivo replaced him well. Despite the fact that Zhukov played little, we strongly hope for him. He is also very well prepared, he will definitely play in the basis and, I think that for the national team will be.

- Will there be competition between Arshavin and Ilichevich or can they play together?

- Of course, they can play together. If you remember last year's final of the Cup, then we had only young players on the bench. Thank God that now we have competition, that there are such players as Arshavin, Zhukov, Ilichevich and Isael. These are players who must be ready for every game. You know that the calendar is very heavy. Kairat FC has no right to relax in the championship and, especially, at the end of July we have the first qualifying game for the Europa League. We need all football players and, of course, they will compete with each other. Competition is good, it does not relax them and, on the other hand, we can do the rotation. Keep the team fresh, this is very important. I think that we need to work on this and it's important for us to add a couple of players.

- Last year the Super Bowl won Kairat FC, but gave the championship. Will it happen again?

- I hope that it will not happen again (smiles). The season will be difficult, Astana FC is very strong. At «Aktobe» has changed for almost 99 percent of the composition , even in Astana FC half of the composition left in Aktobe FC. The championship will be very difficult and, thank God, it will be so. The format will allow us to play without sixes and there will be a smooth championship. The one who will be more stable will win.

- Who do you want to sign for these two positions?

- Forward and one "midfielder".

- What about defender?

- The defender is not yet.

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