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Information for mass media

Football Club Kairat announces the beginning of accreditation of journalists for work at the matches of the League of Europe.

The game in the first qualifying round of the Europa League will be held on June 29 at the stadium Central in Almaty.

To consider your candidacy for accreditation, you must send an e-mail address to press@fckairat.kz separately for each delegate with the following data package:

1) The name of the organization.

2) Type and name of the media (in English).

3) Full name of the delegate (in English), position.

4) An editorial assignment signed by the chief editor / manager and the seal of the organization represented by the delegate.

5) Contact details (e-mail address and mobile number are required).

6) A photo of good quality in digital format, size 3x4 cm. It is desirable - on a white background.

The deadline for applications is from June 20, 2012 to June 24, 2017 inclusive.

When accrediting the media, the following (!) Quotas are provided:

- from print media - 1 journalist + photo correspondent;

- from editorial staff of TV / Radio - 2 journalist + operator;

- from news agencies - 1 journalist + photo correspondent;

- from electronic media - 1 journalist + photo correspondent.

The presence of accreditation guarantees:

1. Free entrance to the stadium on the day of the match;

2. Place in the press box;

3. The final protocol of the match;

4. Participation in the post-match press conference.

Passage of media representatives will be carried out through the 11th entrance of the Central Stadium. During the match, journalists should be in the press box, photo correspondents and videographers - in distinctive manikins behind the gate.

The football club Kairat reserves the right (!) To refuse accreditation:

- In case of violation of the rules for applying for accreditation;

- in case of dissemination of information that does not correspond to reality;

- when the journalist is dismissed from the editorial office (in this case, the editorial staff has the right to accredit another journalist);

- when the mass media cease to operate;

- in violation of the rules of conduct in the stadium during the match and press conference.

Note that the old accreditations on the matches of the Europa League will be void.

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