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Incredible comeback

An unimaginable match turned out in Astana.

Okzhetpes - Kairat - 2:3

Goals: 29, 68, Strukov - 74, Arshavin, 75, Isael, 79, Turysbek

Okzhetpes: Sasha Stamenkovich (B), Daniil Chertov, Nein Eone, Sergey Politylo, Lucas Horvath, Sergei Strukov (86, Strukov), Maxim Fedin (69, Dosmagambetov), ​​Anton Kuksin, Igor Yurin, Alexander Marochkin (64, Dairoff ), Sergey Shaff

Spare: Sultan Abilgazy, Alibek Ayaganov, Oleg Nedashkovsky, Demiat Slambekov, Tsvetan Genkov, Mikhail Golubnichy

Kairat: Vladimir Plotnikov (V), Gafurzhan Suyumbayev, Akos Elek, Yeldos Akhmetov, Yan Vorogovsky, Mikhail Bakaev, Andrei Arshavin (K), Georgy Zhukov (90 + 3, Baltabayev), Isael, Ivo Ilichevich (46, Turysbek) , Gerard Gohou

Spare: Oleg Grubov (V), Yermek Kuantayev, Plague Anene, Alibek Kasym, Aibol Abiken

Yellow cards: 42, Zhukov - 44, Fedin

An unimaginable match turned out in Astana.

Regular match of the Kazakh Premier League between Okzhetpes FC and Kairat FC was held in Astana. Game was held in Astana because of the unreadiness of the home stadium, this is not the first match to play at the Astana Arena.

The meeting began with high pressure from Almaty residents. This tactic was fruitful from the very first minutes of the match: captain Andrei Arshavin burst into the penalty area of ​​the guests, he was already striking at the empty goal of the hosts, but Stamenkovic reacted perfectly.

Further, Ian Vorogovsky all in the same penalty gave a pass to Ivo Ilichevich. Horvath was a little hesitant and had already covered the kick goalkeeper Okzhetpes.

 At the 29th minute, after the transfer from the flank, Sergei Strukov sent the ball into the net gate - 1:0.

The missed goal did not upset the players of Kairat FC in any way. Almaty residents began to put even more pressure on the gates of players in blue T-shirts. The moment was excellent by Ivo Ilichevich, when he beat from the penalty kick at the gate Stamenkovic - the ball flew in a dangerous vicinity of the bar.

The second half of the game began with the moment of Isael. The Brazilian received a point transfer inside the penalty area, where the midfielder hit the ball with the first touch, but the ball flies higher.

By 64 minutes, the hosts increased the advantage: Sergei Strukov designed a double. This goal, of course, upset Kairat players, but did not knock out of the game.

Ten minutes later, Andrei Arshavin took advantage of the oversight of the defense of Okzhetpes and reduced the difference in the score. After less than a minute, Isael received the ball in the penalty area and struck the already empty gate of Stamenkovic - 2:2 burned on the scoreboard.

Cardinally changes the course of the game.Players from Almaty managed to get ahead. Bauyrzhan Turysbek receives the ball after a lumbago from Isael and from the first touch sends the ball into the net gate - 2:3.

Three fast ones completely shut them out of the game and already without any problems the Almaty players finish the match and win in an incredible match.

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