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In equal fight

Kairat FС after a short break in the championship met Kaisar FC from Kyzylorda.

This meeting promised to be interesting, because wolves from the south of the country were in the lead in the championship with nine points. Almaty residents had to take three points after two draws at the start of the championship.

The first goal was not long in coming. Already at the 9th minute of the match, Gerard Gohou realized his moment and led the Almaty team forward - 1:0.

At the 32nd minute of the match, Isael slaughtered to check the readiness of Islamkulov - the goalkeeper of the guests was on the spot. In the next moment, the guests ran off into a counterattack, approaching the penalty area, the player of Kaisar FC struck a blow - Plotnikov helped out.

Guests were able to equalize the score a few minutes later: Maksat Baizhanov an elegant blow in the penalty area, sent the ball into the net. In the future, the game took place without moments, the team left with a draw for the break.

The second half of the game began immediately with two substitutions from the owners: Andrei Arshavin was replaced by Ivo Ilichevich, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan - Georgy Zhukov.

With the release of new players, the game changed for the Kairat FC. For a long time Kairat FC pressed on the guests, but so far could not find the key to the gate of Islamkulov.

In the end, again a draw on the Central Stadium - 1:1.

Kairat FC - Kaisar FC - 1:1

Goals: Gohou, 9 - Baizhanov, 35

Kairat FC: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbaev, Zharko Markovich, Cesar Arzo, Ermek Kuantaev, Akosh Elek (Anene, 89), Islambek Kuat, Bauyrzhan Islamhan (K), (Zhukov, 46), Andrei Arshavin (Ilichevich) , 46), Isael, Gohou

Spare: Stas Pokatilov, Yan Vorogovsky, Eldos Akhmetov, Mikhail Bakaev, Bauyrzhan Turysbek, Oybek Baltabaev, Ivo Ilichevich, Chuma Anene, Georgy Zhukov

Kaisar FC: Marcel Islamkulov (B), Vladimir Arzhanov, Ivan Graf, John Camara, Matias Kuryor (Ntibazonkiza, 71), Abdel Lamang, Stefan Nikolic, Ilyas Amirsetitov, Maksat Baizhanov (K), Dmitry Evstigneev, Duman Narzildaev (Korobkin , 78).

Spare: Anton Tsirin, Olzhas Altaev, Saidi Ntibazonkiza, Eugene Goryachiy, Valery Korobkin, Zhambyl Kukeev, Alexei Muldarov, Valentin Chureev, Ruslan Sakhalbaev.

Warnings: Arshavin 23, Arzo 82 - Earl 5, Nikolic 46, Arzhanov 55, Kamara 74

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