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Good start

Today at the "Central" stadium of Almaty started the Kazakhstan Premier League for the "Kairat", where the hosts received guests from Aktobe. Matches against the players from Aktobe have always been of a fundamental nature, that's why the passions in the game began from the first minutes.

Already at the 5th minute of the match Isael hung the "Corner", which was almost realized by Bakaev - miraculously rescued his team Sidelnikov.

At the 22nd minute, Isael hit the post: a free-kick for a couple with Islamkhan was extremely dangerous, where after the rebound Sidelnikov knocked the ball with his hand.

At the end of the first half of the game, after the transfer in the penalty guests from Gou, Isael struck directly at the gate - Sidelnikov again bailed out. Remained the same score in the match and the team went to the break.

In the second half, the head coach of "Kairat" Kahaber Tskhadadze made one substitution: Andrei Arshavin left the field, in his place came the team's newest rookie - Croatian Ivo Ilichevich.

The guests were very effective in the defense, Almaty players did not manage to open the protection of "Aktobe" for a long time. Only at 64 minutes of the meeting, after filing a corner kick - Gou head forwarded the ball into the net gate - 1: 0. Six minutes later Shestakov, after giving a hinged strike, checked his head Pokatilov - goalkeeper was in place.

At 79 minutes in the game there were two replacements: first the guests left the game Almeida, in his place came Kakimov. At "Kairat" the second newcomer Georgy Zhukov entered the game, and the captain of the team left the field.

Immediately after the replacement, Zhukov ran forward. Gow threw the ball under attack to Zhukov, he beat extremely strong, but the blow was blocked.

In the end of the meeting Vorogovsky replaced Isael. As a result, the minimum victory of "Kairat" is 1: 0.

Kairat FC - Aktobe FC - 1 : 0

Goals: Gohou, 64

The composition of the Kairat: Stas Pokatilov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbaev, Zarko Markovich, Cesar Arzo, Eldos Akhmetov, Mikhail Bakaev, Oybek Baltabayev, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan (K) (Zhukov, 79), Andrei Arshavin (Ilichevich, 46), Isael ( Vorogovsky, 88), Gerard Gohou;

Spare: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Oleg Grubov, Yan Vorogovskiy, Yermek Kuantayev, Bauyrzhan Turysbek, Ivo Ilichevich, Madiyar Raimbek, Georgy Zhukov;

The composition of Aktobe: Sidelnikov (B), Cassiano, Junior Barbosa Juninho, Oleksandr Volovik, Papa Guye, Iuri Sousa Mamute (Kakimov, 79), Rafkat Aslan, Bauyrzhan Baitana, Damir Dautov, Kirill Shestakov, Anton Shurygin

Spare: Samat Otarbayev (B), Oleksandr Ermachenko, Ardak Saulet, Abilkhan Abdukarimov, Berik Aitbaev, Igor Zenkovich, Rakhimzhan Rozybakiev, Aslanbek Kakimov

Warnings: Shurygin (33), Pokatilov (90 + 4)


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