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General meeting between members of PFLK was held in Astana

General meeting between members of Professional Football League of Kazakhstan was held in Astana.

Member clubs of PFLK made several decisions:

- FC Baikonur and FC Baiterek were excluded from Members of PFLK. This was due to FC Baikonur is now part of FC Kaysar and FC Baiterek did not confirm that it will take part in either First or Second Leagues. 

- The process of redistribution of funds to clubs from UEFA for youth football development has been confirmed. 

- Centralised process of covering expenses of delegates (referees, inspectors) has been confirmed.  

- Schedules and terms of PFLK tournaments in 2017 have been confirmed and passed on to Kazakhstan Football Federation (KFF) for the final confirmation. Due to one of the latest initiative from KFF, clubs have agreed that they can sign 9th and 10th non-home grown players for extra charge. Nevertheless, number of non-home grown players on the pitch is unchanged. 

- Calendars of all PFLK tournaments in 2017 have been confirmed and passed on to KFF for the final confirmation.

- PFLK Technical Regulations has also been established and confirmed, which includes requirements to clubs on broadcasting and Premier League and Cup match filming. 

- The contract with media company Kazakhstan has been signed to pass the broadcasting rights for Premier League and Kazakhstan Cup in 2017. Based on the agreement Kazakhstan will have to broadcast no less than two games each match day and no less than one one match each round of the Cup. So overall Kazakhstan will broadcast no less than 70 games this season. 

 - It is confirmed that Aktobe Central Stadium will host Kazakhstan Cup Final 2017. At the same time, if any corrections will be made in match calendar and the final will be postponed until late November, and/or FC Aktobe will not be able to host Cup final, PFLK administration has the right to change the location of Kazakhstan Cup Final. 


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