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Cup fighting

Kairat FC  is held in the ½ finals of the Cup of Kazakhstan.

Kairat FC - Irtysh FC - 2:0

Goal: 8, Gohou, 44, Ilichevich

Kairat: Plotnikov (B), Suyumbaev, Kuat, Akhmetov, Vorogovsky, Zhukov, Bakaev, Islamkhan (K) (22, Baltabayev), Ilichevich, Isael (75, Turysbek), Gohou (74, Anene)

Spare: Grubov, Kuantayev, Kasym, Abiken, Arshavin

Irtysh: Kalmykov (B), Yessimov, Tkachuk, Vorotnikov, Dvali, Zhivkovic (81, Kalinin), Antonio, Darabayev, Popov (46, Zhumaskaliev), Djede (46, Fofana), Fonseca.

Spare: Kapanov (B), Chernyshov, Aliev, Smailov, Shabalin, Bando.

Warnings: 90, Suyumbayev - 41, Djedje

Removal: 90, Kuat - 90, Fonseca

The lot brought Pavlodar and Almaty teams back on the field. This time, both teams had a match in the quarterfinals of the Cup of Kazakhstan.

Gerard Gohou on the eighth minute opened the gates of Kalmykov, after the jewelry transfer from Vorogovsky. For the Ivorian, this is the tenth goal for the Almaty team this season.

The next moment occurred ten minutes later: the team captain Bauyrzhan Islamhan was injured and was forced to leave the game.

Under the end of the first half, Ilichevich after the exact cross from Isael, sent the ball down - right into the net gate. 2:0 and the team went on a break.

By the end of the match, the passion took place on the field. For rudeness, from the field was removed Islambek Kuat and the guest player - Fonseca.

Both teams played out with ten men, but this did not affect the game in any way. Thus, Kairat FC wins and passes into the semifinals.

Александр Бородюк: «Третий сбор будет другой направленности» Антон Лысяк on 23 января . В интервью пресс-службе клуба Сито рассказал прошедшем сезоне, вспомнил успехи и неудачи минувшего года и поделился своими задачами на сезон наступающий. Rating: 4.5