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Akhmetov and Zhukov — main transfers in the Premier League

Press named 5 best winter transfers of the Premier League. 

 Georgy Zhukov


From: FC Ural (Russia)

To: FC Kairat

Position: Central midfielder

Age: 22

Nationality: Kazakh

Kairat was quick and professional with this deal. Managed to get several benefits out of the deal with Zhukov. The club signed the player without news leaking, and what is more important, agreed a vital condition: Zhukov will be playing for Kazakhstan national team. Hence, Kairat did Football Federation a favour. 

Looking from the sporting perspecive of this transfer, player like Zhukov is essential for Kairat. Georgy knows Premier League, he is ambitious, young and he is likely to be a substitution for now an ex-Kairat player Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. Moreover, Zhukov fits Kairat well, he will comfortable playing in midfield, with the balanced approach, where everyone is ready to both attack and defend. Taking into account that player himself pointing out that he is a box to box midfielder, there is no hesitation that Zhukov will fit well in Tskhadadze's tactical view. Not so clear now with how Zhukov will settle into the team in social terms. Tymoshchuk was a true leader in the changing room, Zhukov is unlikely to be one, but it is important for him to socialise with his new team mates.  

Eldos Akhmetov


From: FC Irtysh

To: FC Kairat

Position: Defender

Age: 26 

Nationality: Kazakh

Akhmetov had a good season in Irtysh and national team, where he became one of the most vital players in both squads. Apart from that, Akhmetov has been used in different positions across the defence, in Irtysh Eldos has been used as a full back in the classical line up with four defenders, and in Kazakhstan squad has been used as a centre back when playing with three defenders. Draw against Poland, Romania and third place in the Premier League – this all could have happened without Akhmetov, who sometimes made mistakes and was not nice to the opposition, he never gave up. 

Akhmetov became a constant starting XI player and had consistent season with the club. Hence, a transfer to Kairat seems logical and this period should be more productive . Having been in FC Astana, this his second chance now to prove himself in one of the best clubs in Kazakhstan, he might not get another chance in his career so he must put in a maximum effort to achieve his best. 

Kairat managed to closed several problem positions with one transfer. His ability to play on few positions across the defence, it allows Kairat to fit him in two positions, if injuries will happen. 

Source: Prosports.kz

Author: Alibek Kabenov 

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