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Again without Victory

Kairat FC hosted the bronze medalist of the Kazakhstan championship.

Irtysh FC for the Almaty fans has always been considered an interesting and strong opponents, so the match promised to be exciting. 

The first moment in the match occurred on 10 minutes, when Isael checked Loria from the far position. A few minutes later, from the same position beat Bathory - but again David dragged the blow.

In the second part of first half, Ivo after a beautiful canopy from the center of the field, ran into the penalty area and hit his head, but the line referee considered this moment for the offside.

By the end of the meeting, players from Pavlodar earned the first corner - Rodrigo Antonio beat from the far post above the gate. And the first half ended.

The second half of the game began with an interesting replacement: Chuma Anene went on the field instead of Yermek Kuantayev.

Three minutes after the whistle , Zarko Markovic was quicker than everyone in the penalty area and  scored a goal when filing a corner - 1:0. 

In one of the counter-attacks, Irtysh FC earned a free-kick near the gate of Plotnikov - Vladimir struck back. But in the next moment, guests were served a corner, Vorotnikov scored a goal after a successful filing - 1:1.

Despite all the efforts of the Almaty players, they did not go forward. And the match ended - 1:1.

Another draw on the Central Stadium.

Kairat FC - Irtysh FC - 1:1

Goals: Markovich, 48 - Vorotnikov, 80

Kairat FC: Vladimir Plotnikov (B), Gafurzhan Suyumbaev, Zarko Markovich, Cesar Arzo, Ermek Kuantaev (Anene, 46), Mikhail Bakaev, Bauyrzhan Islamhan (K), Ivo Ilichevich (Ilichevich, 65), Isael, Gerard Gohou ( Akhmetov, 78)

Spare: Stas Pokatilov, Yan Vorogovsky, Bauyrzhan Turysbek, Oybek Baltabaev, Georgy Zhukov, Akosh Elek

Irtysh FC: David Loria (B) (K), Ruslan Esimov, Lasha Dvali, Ilya Vorotnikov, Evgeny Tkachuk, Stefan Zhivkovic, Rodrigo, Kazbek Geteriev, Aslan Darabaev, Carlos Fonseca, Serge Bando (Djege, 64);

Spare: Nikita Kalmykov, Pavel Shabalin, Beko Ismael Fofana, Arman Smailov, Piraly Aliev, Nurbol Zhumaskaliev, Artem Popov, Ilya Kalinin

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