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A difficult game against Taraz FC

Almaty footballers arrived to the south of the country with the firm intention to collect their three points, which they left last season here. For the third season Kairat FC are met on the reserve field "Ulan" with an artificial surface.

From the first minute the initiative was shown by the players of  Kairat FC. First, Gohou beat the outer side of his leg, but the ball flew a little higher. The next moment was at Gafurzhan Suyumbayev: he decided to strike from afar - Babakhanov caught the ball in his hands.

At the 13th minute of the meeting, Arshavin and Arzo received the first warning.
Guests are not so often managed to go on the attack. Only in the 23 minute, Amirkhanov tried to hang on Maurice, but the first ball in the hands caught Pokatilov. As a result, teams left for a break with equal score - 0:0.

On the second half of the game both teams came out unchanged in the compositions. The first moment in the second half came only in the 58th minute, when after the hanging transfer Turysbek  closed in the net, but the liner counted it offside.

Silence in the game was interrupted by two dangerous moments: Zhukov, who a minute earlier replaced on the field Arshavin, beat from the left flank - the crossbar saved Taraz FC. Аfter a moment, Islamkhan beat from the same position, but again the crossbar helped out the gate of Babakhanov. Tskhadadze decided to replace Turysbek - Chuma Anene made his debut for Kairat FC.

At 73, the hosts were extremely close to opening an account. Maxim Feshchuk beat from a distant position, Pokatilov beat off - on finishing Taraz FC were the first and Stas rescued again.
In the last minutes Kairat FC tries to score a goal  to Babakhanov's gates, but the whole team defends Taraz. And the meeting ends - a zero draw today on the Ulan"

Taraz FC - Kairat FC - 0:0

Warnings: Arshavin (13), Arzo (13), Turysbek (56) - Diarra (56)
The composition of the Kairat FC: Stas Pokatilov (c), Gafurzhan Suyumbaev, Zarko Markovich, Cesar Arzo, Islambek Kuat, Akosh Elek, Bauyrzhan Islamkhan (k), Andrei Arshavin (Zhukov, 62), Isael (Ilichevich, 75), Gerard Gohou, Bauyrzhan Turysbek;
Spare: Oleg Grubov, Yan Vorogovsky, Mikhail Bakaev, Yermek Kuantayev, Oybek Baltabaev, Ivo Ilichevich, Chuma Anene, Madiyar Raimbek, Georgy Zhukov;
Head Coach: Kahaber Tskhadadze
The composition of Taraz FC: Jurakhon Babakhaev (in), Mohamed Diarra, Maxim Feshchuk, Evgeny Shipitsin, Jean-Ed Maurice, Bactier Zainutdinov, Nurtas Kurgulin (k), Maksat Amirkhanov, Anton Moltusinov, Abzal Taubay, Zhakyp Kozhamberdy (Azov, 90+ 4);
Spare: Vladimir Loginovsky (at), Adilet Kenessbek, Bekzat Shadmanov, Gavril Kahn, Madiyar Nuraly, Kurmet Karaman, Timur Baizhanov, Maxim Azovsky, Ardak Karpik;
Head Coach: Vait Talgaev


Chief referee: Denis Izmailov (Taldykorgan)
Assistant referees: Yuri Tikhonyuk (Aktobe), Galymzhan Aizhigitov (Kyzylorda)
Reserve Judge: Alexander Poluektov (Taraz)
Inspector of the match: Igor Khisamutdinov (Pavlodar)

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