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Maxim Shevchenko: «No time to relax»

Maxim Shevchenko thinks that team was in the right state of mind against a tough opposition:

- We had problems before the game because some of our players were missing due to suspensions, injuries, first team got back very late. We had no support, relied on ourselves. We knew that the game would be tough and some players may lose motivation as some may think that our aim is almost completed and we have finished top. We had to motivate our players and that is what we have done exactly right. Very happy with the performance, we were on top of them and opened up second zone well. The only criticism is that towards the end we were lacking creativity and last pass.

- The next game for U-21s will be on October, 3rd in Uralsk. The first team will play on October, 1st and U-19s will only be back in Kazakhstan on October, 1st. Who will you pick for your squad?

- Yes, we may be in trouble again. We will try to come up with something, but it will be harder than today. We will have less players in the squad.

- Can we already say that the championship is finished for you?

-Everything can be set in our next fixture, but now we are concentrated on winning in every match. We can not relax in our last fixtures. 

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