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Good start

For Kairat this was a debut match in this tournament, before that Kairat youth teams have taken taken part in European tournaments. Nevertheless, Kairat looked very comfortable. Для алматинцев этот матч стал дебютным в этом

Dinamo: Georgi Kulua, Vakhtang Kapanadze, Giorgi Tchurgulashvili, Luka Lochoshvili (C), Davit Kobouri, Giorgi Kutsia, Soslanbek Dzagoev, Luka Phochkhua, Giorgi Gogilashvili, Giorgi Chakvetadze, Giorgi Zaria.

Kairat: Оleg Grubov, Yeskindir Kybyrai, Alibek Kasym, Madi Aitore, Gleb Evseev, Ilya Artyushenko, Akmal Bakhtiyarov, Ramazan Orazov, Zhandos Soltan, Maxim Kotov, Bakdualet Zhuzbay.

Very cold, unusual for this time in Tbilisi, which put some supporters off this match. The game between youth champions of their home countries only managed to attract attention of about 1000 people who turned up to the stadium today. In fairness, visitors on the were glad - the game was interesting from the first minutes. of the year.

Dinamo was dominating the game at the beginning, hosts got two fine attempts, but Kairat was solid in defence and Grubov commanded well at the back.

Kairat was counter-attacking more, but had some success. Bakhtiyarov had few chances to open the score. At first Akmal was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but could not finish it, and couple of minutes after his shot hi the crossbar.

Overall, first half was even, some parts of the game were controlled by both teams at different times.

After the half-time Kairat started creating more chances, pressed the opposition at all parts of the pitch. 10 minutes into the second half Georgian defenders decided to play through the goalkeeper, who hesitated with the ball and Maxim Kotov sprinted to press Kulua. As a result, Kotov successfully won the ball and opened the score – 1:0.

Few minutes after, Kairat double the lead, Bakhtiyarov received the ball just outside of the box and went for a shot, the goalkeeper dived, but could not save the shot – 2:0.

Dinamo made some attempts to level the play and managed few dangerous attacks, but Kairat was very organised at the back. The away side continued their counter-attacks and on 72th minute scored another goal. After a good pass from own half the ball found Akmal who dribbled with the ball inside the box and shot – 3:0.

Up until the last minute hosts were trying to score at east one goal, but Kairat defence had it all covered. Kairat U-19 returns back with a comfortable win in Tbilisi – 3:0, second leg will be played in Almaty on October 19 at Almaty Central Stadium.

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