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Kairat Boranbayev: The development of children's and youth football is one of the most important aspects of the strategy of Kairat FC

Chairman of the supervisory board of FC Kairat spoke about his impressions after the opening of the Academy of Eustace Pahlevanidi.

- The opening of the new Academy - is this another step for Kairat?

- Opening of each new object for our football club is a big holiday! Kairat FC systematically builds its infrastructure day by day. The development of children's and youth football is one of the most important aspects of the strategy of our club. Each of our students is engaged in a single system of training, and for us it is important not only for their football education, but also for the integrated development of young football players.

- Can we say that soon we will be able to see the names of young Kazakhstan people who will perform abroad?

- We believe and hope that it will be so. Our guys already have a good experience of playing in international tournaments, which, of course, they will come in handy in the future. Our club does not just train professional athletes, but first of all worthy citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. True patriots of their country. It is very important that the club traces the continuity of generations. Quite young pupils of the club know and honor the legendary history of Kairat FC.
Now the club has created a unified system for training professional football players. We already have two Academies with the names of the legendary Kairat players: Segizbayev Academy and Kvochkin Academy. We have long decided to assign the names of Kairat stars to our objects, so that young pupils could learn and grow on vivid examples.

- Why it was decided to name the Academy in honor of Eustace Pehlevanidi?

- Eustachius Pehlevanidi is a legend with a capital letter, and not only of Kairat, but of all Soviet football. He entered his name in the history of the Almaty club with gold threads, having spent 9 years for Kairat FC, he is recognizing to this day among the fans of Kazakhstan football.
Everyone remembers and knows this legendary football player, and not only in Kazakhstan. We are very pleased that he flew from Greece to share this holiday with us. We really appreciate his contribution to the history of our club, and therefore decided to name the Academy in his honor.
We add that in addition to the Academies, we have branches that help the development of mass football in Almaty. We would also like to thank executive commitee of the Almaty city and personally to Bauyrzhan Baibek for the support they render to our academy and the development of football in Almaty.

The opening of the new Pehlevanidi Academy is far from the point in the development of our infrastructure. We will continue to develop ourselves and do everything for the development of Kazakhstan football.

- Veterans of Kairat FC beat the team of Alatau stars - 4: 0. Can we say that even after the completion of a career, the old players are in good physical shape?

- Yes, you can say so (smiles). I will note once again, in our club there is a continuity of generations. Our pupils watched this match, they saw how our veterans play football in our time and still play football. We hope and believe that young players will learn a lot from the older generation and in the future will also glorify for Kairat FC.

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