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Not that easy

FIRST – Playing for several teams

It is not a secret that part of our squad play for two teams at once - Kairat U-19 and Kairat U-21. Players are rated by both teams and hence we seriously rely on Grubov, Kotov, Kasym, Kybyray, Orazov and Soltan. In addition, three of of them just got back from Kazakh youth national team. 

SECOND – Change of ground

Throughout the national championship among local academies Kairat U-19 has been playing on the astro turf, but in the UEFA Youth League youngsters will step onto the Almaty Central Stadium natural turf. Kairat U-19 had a good first game on the natural ground in Tbilisi, but the pitch in Almaty is a little different and a weather is an unpredictable factor.  

THIRD – Game at Almaty Central Stadium

Second reason leads into the third one. It is very rare when youngsters play on the big stadiums. For a long time Kairat could not get used to the pitch in Tbilisi, hence not a great start to a game. On Wednesday, for most players this will be the first ever game on one of the main stadiums in Kazakhstan. It can not be just an ordinary game. 

We have to also remember about the fourth reason, maybe one of the main ones. The away team motivation. Dinamo have nothing to lose as they have to score more than 3 goals to qualify to the next round. It will be an interesting game between the two teams - both of them have something to prove to their supporters and will show good football at Almaty Central Stadium. 

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