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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

FC Kairat Fan Cards provides the holder with discounts in the official Kairat Megastore, home games tickets at Almaty Central Stadium and online, as well as in Loyalty Scheme Partners. 

For information about Partners and discounts please visit the website www.en.fckairat.com/loyalty

Fan Card is not a bonus card. Fan Card holders can receive discounts from FC Kairat and Partners upon showing the card. Size and condition of discounts are stated by FC Kairat and Loyalty Scheme Partners. Partners are free to change/add the size and conditions of discounts. 

To receive the discount on FC Kairat Fan Card you have to show the card to the member of staff who are serving customers (cashier, sales manager, etc) before making a payment. If you have not showed the card to the member of staff before making a payment, member of staff has the right to refuse to accept the card after transaction has been made.  

The FC Kairat Fan Card is valid for one calendar year, unless otherwise stated by the Loyalty Scheme. Current Loyalty Scheme will be valid from 15.12.2016 until 15.12.2017. Further, the Loyalty Scheme will prolonged for another year based on the decision of the FC Kairat management board. FC Kairat has the right to change the terms and conditions of the Loaylty Scheme throughout the year. 

To join the Loyalty Scheme please fill in the sign-on form including the name, surname, date of birth, e-mail and phone to get the Fan Card. Sign-on form can be filled in when buying a season ticket for home games for 2017/18 season. 

By joining the Loyalty Scheme you agree that your personal data will be used by FC Kairat and Loyalty Scheme Partners including collecting, keeping, systematizing. This will be used to raise awereness of Loyalty Scheme by keeping you informed about sales and offers from FC Kairat and Partners. 

The date when the Fan Card is active is when it has been handed over to the supporter by the member of staff. 

Loyalty Scheme member must inform FC Kairat if any changes in his personal data are made as soon as possible. 

FC Kairat has the right to end the the validity of the Fan Card of any supporter that has been given out by the FC Kairat member of staff. 

FC Kairat has the right to refuse supporters joining Loyalty Scheme if the person's participation has been ended before. 

Kairat Football Club does not bear any responsibility for the quality of the goods and services provided by the Loyalty Scheme Partners.