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Dear friends! First of all I would like to explain how it all started. During the summer 2015 a group of FC Kairat’s fans were designing what is now a famous banner "Куш Бірлiкте"! During the process of designing the banner those who are directly involved in design create a “group” in VK where they share any questions related to work and anything linked with the project! This has attracted more attention from local citizens and hence our members started fundraising to create the banner that all fans would love. We have opened Kiwi account and fundraising began. This hard teamwork was so inspiring that we started thinking about creating a new fan group AlatauFans! 

September 1st is the day when not only the leading fan group, but one of the best VK groups about FC Kairat AlatauFans was created. Apart from that we also organize football matches for everyone and of course organize fan support during home games from the 16th gate to the best team in Kazakhstan! After AlatauFans was created the sign-up procedure has become available and at the moment we have 50 members. From February 1st the fast-growing fan group became an official fan group of FC Kairat, which showed the trust from the Football Club. AlatauFans supports FC Kairat by organizing fan support on home games, creating banners, sound effects on the stadium, and support on different club events. 

For the past years we have created, what has already been mentioned, a famous banner «Күш бірлікте» with the images of, at that time, leading players with the manager Vladimír Weiss in the middle. Then we have created a 99 sq.m banner «Бұл Қайрат» with the image of warrior holding yellow and blue flag and inscription «Бұл Кайрат». The banner covered 90% of 16th gate of Almaty Central Stadium. In the new 2016/2017 season we have completed the banner “mosaic” in yellow and blue colours with size being similar to the one described above, while small banners were placed in the gates 15, 16, 17. During the game our fans on those gates held up the banners to show support for the team. After the completion of our first aim, we decided to show support for our defender Bruno Soares. Images of Bruno were printed on A4 sheets, placed around the stadium so it forms number “4” (players’ number) and were also held up by our supporters during the game. Same as in the past, we will continue our fan support, creating banners, organizing flash mobs to show love for our Club. 
Just wanted to add that anyone who is interested in joining AlatauFans you can just buy tickets on higher stands of 16th or 17th gates, support our Club together with AlatauFans and fill in a quick survey. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our group! 

Islam Aznabakiev +77019400270
Azamat Kemelov +77075505031

Or you can leave your message in our official VK Group http://vk.com/alataufans