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Football Club Kairat is not simply a football club by itself, but represents the whole city of Almaty. 

We are the club which is open to our supporters and citizens. Kairat unites people with different characters, values and preferences who with full hearts support our Club. 

And even in struggles we should support and help those who are in need.

Players and staff of FC Kairat are always open and with big enthusiasm take part in charity events and help and support rehabilitation centres and children who live without their parents. 



Rehabilation centre for children and teenagers with disabilities «Мейірім» - one of the first non-government organization in Kazakhstan for learning, speaking and developing children and teenagers with disabilities 3-16 years old.

Here children with violations of musculoskeletal system, intellectual development, behaviour and speaking disorders feel secure and receive much needed treatment 

«Towards the dream» - national football tournament played between children who are growing up without their parents and boarding schools. The winners get the chance to visit training base of world’ famous football clubs and meet well-known players.  

Charitable project «I am near!» reflects problems that children with disabilities and their families face and is trying to show that all children have equal opportunities.