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The Club is the owner its image rights and image rights of its football players for marketing purposes, as well as can ensure their presence for marketing campaign of the sponsor. We have long-standing experience and expertise in sponsorship activation. 

The Club’s official website is currently the most popular amongst football clubs in Kazakhstan with 40 000 views each month! Our website includes club news, information about league, our players, coaches fan zone, etc. There are also sections about our sponsors and partners.

All our partners and those who are interested in becoming a partner can place a web banner and link to the website. There is also an opportunity of direct engagement with our supporters through our official social networks. Your advert/information will see most of our supporters and those who are interested in football!  

FC Kairat performance is actively reflected by the press. National channels like «Kazakhstan», «Khabar» and «Kazsport» show all live games of FC Kairat, as well as there is always and online live stream on the Football Federation official channel.

For many years the Club successfully partner with big companies like «HALYK BANK» и «ALMALY», which put in a big effort of developing grassroots and professional football in Kazakhstan.

Today, Football Club Kairat kindly offers you an opportunity to become a part of local football history and tap in the largest target market by becoming a partner and associating your organization with one of the most successful clubs in Kazakhstan. 

Our supporters – young and middle-age men and women, active with fast decision-making. 

One the largest part of our supporters are families.

We have a lot of children among our fans who usually visit our games in groups. 

During the football matches, our large crowd are easy on taking any marketing information, which allows to effectively break through tons of other marketing noise and focus our supporters’ attention on the information that you are passing onto them. This allows our partners to create a positive brand image. FC Kairat offers you a unique opportunity to take an active part of forming a solid First team, Academy and Foundation parts of the Club, who are soon to be associated with the city of Almaty for millions of people. 


*Club Partners get VIP tickets to visit their favorite team playing