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Konstantin Gorovenko

Konstantin Gorovenko 
Role: First Team Coach
Date of birth: 10.01.1977
Nationality: Kazakh
In Kairat from  2014

Senior playing career: Kairat Almaty (1995), Kainar Taldykorgan (1996), Kairat Almaty (1997), Astana Akmola (1997-1998),  Kairat Almaty (1998-2003), Zheleznodorozhnik Almaty (2004), Alma-Ata Almaty (2005), Zheleznodorozhnik Almaty (2006), Megasport Almaty (2007-2008), Sunkar Kaskelen (2009).

Coaching career: Sunkar Kaskelen (2010-2012), FC Kairat Almaty Academy (2014), Kairat Almaty (2015 - ).

Konstantin Gorovenko played for FC Kairat in 1995 - 2003. When he retired he joined coaching staff at Sunkar Kaskelen, where he firstly achieved promotion to the Premier League and a year following successfully performed in the top division. 

In 2014 young talented coach joined FC Kairat Academy where he was managing U-16 Team. And at the beginning of last season joined First Team coaching staff. 

Konstantin is a true professionalist in his field with strong character.