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Almaty city

Source: Welcome to Kazakhstan


Almaty – the southern capital of Kazakhstan, it is the city with population over 1,5 million people. It is the administrative, economical, cultural and sport capital of the Republic. Found in the middle of Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, provides beautiful scenes of alpine meadows and Tian Shan mountain trees.

You can get a view of the whole city from the Koktobe hill, ranging from stunning green districts of Almaty to a new, well built and impressively designed skyscrapers. All buildings nicely fit into the mountain landscape and together give a unique architectural ensemble, which includes the elements of local culture and modern technological and construction progress.

Almaty can be compared to a big garden, as half of the area is taken by gorgeous trees – acacia, elm trees, oaks, birch trees, lime trees, pine trees and spruce trees. Almaty is at its best in the spring time when all trees and plants are coming out. During summer, when fresh air descending from mountain in the evening, most local citizens will be out walking on the streets or having a meal on the terrace enjoying lovely weather. Much of Kazakhstan experiences of cloudiness, coolness, and rain associated with the autumnal season. But this is prime harvest time for farmers and gardeners. Markets, like Green Bazaar, are jam-packed with fresh produce. Winter in Almaty is not too long, but cold and snowy. You will see everyone skiing and skating in the mountains, especially on the weekends. 

At all times of the year the high-mountain skating rink Medeu attracts attention. Famous ice rink, the place of Olympic and World records, shines under the bright mountain sun. Thanks to unique nature and architectural design, Medeu is well-known around the world.  

Football Club Kairat reflects the sporting nature of Almaty city. Kairat, representing Almaty not only in the national championship, but representing Kazakhstan on the European arena. 


The southern capital of Kazakhstan welcomes visitors from all around the world.

Almaty Metro 

 Shymbulak Ski Resort 

Nurly Tau Business Centre 

Almaty at night 


Sharyn Canyon 


Big Almaty Lake