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Mr Malik Kushaliev 
Date of birth: 05.10.1966 
Nationality: Kazakh
Role: CEO
In Kairat from:




22.10.1992       Vice-President General and Legal, Small Private Enterprise "Astana".

07.09.1994       Consultant, "Mass Privatisation Project".

04.09.1995       Legal Consultant, "Alash"

01.05.1996       Legal Executive Assistant to CEO, "Alash" 

03.01.1998       Legal Executive Assistant to CEO, "Alash" 

15.07.1998       Head of Coordination and Regulation of production and turnover of ethanol and alcohol products, "State Production and Turnover of Alcohol Products Control Committee".

01.12.1998       Head of Regulatory Committee of government control on production and turnover of alcohol products, "State Revenue Committee".

04.01.1999       Legal Consultant, Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation. 

01.02.2001       Head of Legal Department, Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation.

01.10.2007       Deputy Head of Legal, LLC KazRosGas.

10.09.2012       CEO, Football Club Kairat Almaty (shared with other positions).

01.02.2014       CEO, Football Club Kairat Almaty.